Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Intersection of Law and Business

Why do I have a picture of Wall Street as the wallpaper for this blog? 

Well, for one thing, it comes free with Google's Blogger application.  For another, it really captures the essence of corporate and securities law - the place where money, people, ideas, plans, and dreams come together to build businesses and the whole U.S. economy.

To practice corporate and securities law is to operate at the intersection of law and business.  That was the mantra of Ron Frappier, one of the finest securities lawyers around and the former head of the corporate and securities law section of Jenkens & Gilchrist, P.C.   He even wrote an excellent article elaborating on that topic which is available here:

What Ron understood better than most attorneys is that knowing the law is great, but knowing how the law impacts a client's business is much more important.  Clients generally want real world, practical business advice in light of legal risks ("What should I do now?") - not a 25 page memorandum exhaustively analyzing every nuance of a legal question without reaching an actual conclusion. 

That's the intersection of law and business - and it's something try to keep in mind every day.        


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